About Us

Foothills Honey Company consists of owners George and Sue Hansen, their sons Matt and Joe, five full-time employees and additional seasonal workers. In business for more than three decades, Foothills Honey Company is committed to providing the best goods and services available through the cultivation of the industrious honeybee.


Foothills Honey Company is a mobile bee outfit, providing pollination services to farmers in Oregon, Washington and Northern California. This makes achieving an "organic" label all but impossible, since it is difficult to know exactly where bees go - they have a flight radius of about 2 miles - and what crops they may be coming in contact with, or if those crops are organic.

But at Foothills Honey Company, we do take extraordinary care to employ natural controls in beekeeping, including the use of genetic stock that is resistant to pests and pathogens.

Powered by the Sun

At Foothills Honey Company, we fill 80 percent of our on-site warehouse energy needs with solar power. The solar array, installed in June of 2009, has been a tremendous success.

The move to solar power was a decision based on environmental responsibility and practicality: Over time, the business will save money on energy costs. And there's nothing more satisfying than watching the sun turn the meters.