Our Art

The Hansens are a family of beekeepers who enjoy creating in their spare time.

George's Art

George paints with pastels and encaustic, an ancient technique involving the use of hot, colored wax believed to have originated with Greek artists as far back as the Fifth Century B.C.

George often works with landscapes, and bees usually find their way into his art in some way; most of his scenes revolve around apiaries.

Being formally untrained, much of George's work is experimentation to achieve effects with color, light and composition.

Link to George’s Gallery

Sue's Art

In my spare time, especially in the winter months, I paint. I use acrylics, mostly on paper and canvas and sometimes on wood or three-dimensional objects. I always appreciated art, but didn't start making it until about age 40. Around that time I came across a book by Betty Edwards, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain," and realized that I actually could learn to draw. It's an excellent book for anyone who wants to dedicate some time to learn drawing skills.

After I gained some drawing ability, I began taking art classes at my community college. Painting was never offered at night, so as soon as I quit teaching middle school, I registered for painting class. I am not currently taking any art classes, but over the course of 10 years, I accumulated 60-plus art credits, from basic design to art history.

Link to Sue’s Gallery