Foothills Honey Company provides commercial pollination services to farmers in Oregon, Washington and Northern California from approximately January to September.

With populations of wild pollinators shrinking in North America, commercial pollination has become a vital part of agriculture. Foothills Honey Company’s 4,000 colonies pollinate berries, apples, cherries, pears, almonds, clover, carrots, onions, mustard seed and other crops throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Commercial pollination requires planning and coordination between Foothills Honey Company and growers. For more information or to inquire about pollination services, contact Foothills Honey Company through the Contact Us page.

According to United States Department of Agriculture estimates, commercial honeybee pollination of American crops represents an added value of $14 billion annually.

For more information about the importance of honeybees to crop production in the United States, visit the pollination page of the American Beekeeping Federation.